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My Story

Meet the LMT


Bachelors of Science in

Athletic Training and Exercise Therapy 
Waynesburg University

Advanced Medical Massage Program

 Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

Personal Trainers' and Corrective Exercise Specialist's Certification 
National Association of Sports Medicine



Building Community with Heart

What Healthy Touch does is provide a save space for healing and puts our body in an optimum position to succeed and thrive. I created Mountain's Bounty to connect my passion for helping others through volunteerism, gardening, foraging, crafts, teaching and movement health. Life should be fun, and through freedom in movement and a helpful attitude, all great things are possible.

Hello, my name is Lila Saint-Buzon and I’m bringing massage back to therapy! I for one, love an amazing massage and am passionate about helping others feel the same way. I discovered what great hands on therapy can do for your body as a young athlete playing all the way through college. Using my own hands always helped me heal faster and with hands on healing I could really find where the pain was coming from. I have taken what I have learned to keep myself on the court, my Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine, and continued my education in Medical Massage to hone those clinical hands-on skills. Now, after almost 15 years of Bodywork and Movement Therapy under my belt I can say that everyday is an adventure and I am up for the challenge! 

Now I work with people of all abilities, and help them live their best lives. While I have no typical type of client, I see doctors, professional athletes, musicians, artists, gardeners, and most of all- other massage therapists seeking freedom from pain in their own body. Its really what these hands and heart are made for. 

If you have any questions or want more info about Medical Massage Therapy and how it may help you or those you love

~I'm just a phone call away. 




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