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Your Sanctuary for Relaxation, Healing and Rejuvenation


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Welcome to

Massage and Wellness

Mountain's Bounty is a private massage and wellness sanctuary located in  Davenport, New York.  What Mountain's Bounty does is provide a save space for healing and puts our body in an optimum position to succeed and thrive.

We have a passion for helping others through volunteerism, gardening, foraging, crafts, teaching and movement health. Life should be fun, and through freedom in movement and a helpful attitude, all great things are possible.


Our Services

We are so excited for you to explore our collection of massage experiences, all designed to improve your health and wellness
Taking New Clients for 30, 60, 90, 120 minute Sessions

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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Working those Muscles in Overdrive?! Sports Massage can Help!


Create a sharper mind, balanced life, and greater sense of achievement.

Simply Wonderful Hot Stone Hand Therapy

Hand and forearm massage to relieve repetitive stress injuries.

Neck Massage
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Meet Lila

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We stand for kindness. We believe in the power of communities. We value and cherish nature. We have faith in optimism. We believe in finding peace. We know all bodies are beautiful. We believe movement is healing and fun is a way of life. We know there is no path to happiness; happiness is the path. We are a sanctuary for goodness. Join us and begin your healing journey.

Client Love

I found Mountains Bounty through my personal trainer. My hip was out of whack and causing me pain when I tried to jog. She said , there’s only one person I trust to work on you! From there it was a match made in heaven! To say Lila is knowledgeable is a understatement, she takes classes and trainings for fun. She loves massage and it shows. I lived in constant pain for about 10 years, thanks to Lila I’ve been pain free for years. She always knew exactly what I/my body needed. I can’t recommend her enough. You won’t be disappointed!! Your body will thank you. I miss her, but a whole new set of clients in New York will get to experience what I’m talking about. Book soon, save your monthly spot...because they will go quickly! Promise!

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