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Do Not Let Spring Catch YOU Off Guard!

With Spring right around the corner it is hard to not think ahead to all the gardening, and out door projects you may have on your List-To -Do. Did you know you can schedule appointments for weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly right now to get you prepped and ready? Everywhere you go there are tiny signs that its eminent and wholesome in natures approach to it all. There is a stutter step in the waves of the sun as it travels closer Earth in proximity and offers more then just warmth. The bright beams of light are vital to us in this winter-be-gone-spring-come-on sort of way. In these great undulations of glow-light, and sometimes warmth back to bitterly cold, take care to hydrate, rest well, and prep the body for more vigor of out doors again. Once that warmer weather comes in you will be much harder to slow down... not until and Injury or ailment takes over.

Think about your To- Do-List:

Maybe cleaning out your garden shed in on your list. Maybe you have already started picking up several bags of soil from your local garden center, and repotting your 52 large house plants with healthy, well fed soil. Maybe 32 of your windows would look really good.... washed and ready for the spectacular show of life and vitality. Or just maybe you are NOT in that mode yet and study and reading, and introspection is still high on the list of priorities. How do you balance all of these tasks while working with the body mechanics to best serve your body.

With a bit of body awareness, little aches and pains are easily met with a system of What-To-Do for yourself before injury occurs.  Here are some tips on proper body posture and lifting techniques so you can continue your yard work without pain!

  • Have a plan- Seems simple but having a plan of attack when working through solving any problem is to visualize how you will see it through from start to finish.

  • Look around to see if any potential hazards are in the way. (Larger Rocks, Rakes, Hoses, and Trowels are #1 ways to trip and stumble in the first few weeks before you get that muscle memory back).

  • Take a brief survey of your working area and remove the hazards and create a bite more space then you think needed.

  • Warm- Up with 5 minute walk and 5 minute movement of all joints.

  • Hydrate and make flavorful nourishing snack breaks.

  • Place your working station at mid to above waist line so that you minimize bending from waist repeatedly. Keep the object close to your body. The further away you hold things you’re lifting, the more strain is put on your back muscles.

  • Face the object you’re lifting. When you lift anything, make sure your back is straight and your legs are bent. Lift with your legs, NOT your back – this means to extend your legs as you lift, but leave your back straight.

  • Avoid twisting while lifting an object. Use your core strength while lifting by drawing your belly button towards your spine. This will help lessen the strain put on your spine and back muscles.

  • Take breaks often. Staying in one position bent over or kneeling can cause strain on your back. Adjust positions and take breaks during your the time you’re working.

  • If you’re moving something too heavy, make sure to use a wheelbarrow, a cart, or ask for help.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to avoid back pain from time spent in your yard. If you’re experiencing any back pain, whether it was from yard work or another source, give us a call at Mountain's Bounty Massage and Wellness to schedule an appointment. Don’t let back pain stop you from living a productive life!

Get those wrists ready to grip those tools! Already have discomfort with any of these movements? Book a 30 minute appointment now to access how to get you ready for your best year of being active and living with nature.

If you prefer to leave the gardening to me~ feel free to and come plant a few seeds, or donate a few plants, shrubs, or fruit trees for all to enjoy while visiting here for spa and wellness visits. I'll be taking seed donations and having

Community wide Spring Road Side "Clean-Sweep"

followed by

Community Garden Spot-Plotting Pot-Luck Party

Saturday, April 13 or 14th... More Details to come!

I hope to see you soon!


Lila "Leela" Saint-Buzon LMT, CPT

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