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Lets let the world just melt away with Synergy Stones

To Synergize? or not...I say SYNERGIZE your body!

This treatment is one of my favorites to add to just about every massage treatment. Stones just feel amazing, smooth and perfect temperature for alleviating even the most stubborn tight muscles. Many of my clients find this part of their massage session to be their ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Whether you just need to RELAX, REJUVINATE, or REPLENISH your Body, Mind, and Soul~ SYNERGY STONES is just for you.

What is a Synergy Stone anyway?
  • Synergy Stones are hand-crafted hot stones that blend the deeply relaxing warmth of Hot Stone Massage with the health benefits of therapeutic bodywork.

  • The unique shape of these stones allows for focused deep tissue work while delivering the healing benefits of heat to relax and soothe the muscles.

  • Each stone is designed to enhance different aspects of the therapist's own hands, fingers, thumbs, palms, forearms and elbows and offers multiple options for gentle relaxation to deeper therapeutic bodywork.

  • Synergy Stones are designed to hold heat much longer than regular hot stones and don't need to be changed out as often, allowing the therapist to provide a more hands-on treatment with a smoother, better flowing routine.

  • At Therapeutic Intentions Massage, I incorporate the use of Synergy Stones into every session at no additional charge. My sessions are customized and all-inclusive, including the use of hot stones, cupping and aromatherapy as needed or wanted.

Check out the video below to see the "Heat Wave" Synergy Stone in action!

The unique shape and weight of this stone makes it perfect for targeting all those tight muscles along the spine and in the grooves of the upper shoulder.


With life being so hectic, don't you deserve to feel amazing!? Click below to see the services you NEED in your self-care routine TODAY!

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