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Becoming a Better Massage Therapist

With love in my heart and Science on my mind, I am often driven to search for more information that will make me a smarter, healthier, and more motivated Bodyworker. Well, this passion for learning never stops just because you Graduate!

With the recent time off, I have turned this passion into personal drive for excellence. I started delving into the aspects of my career that needed "tweaking". I really sat down and talked with myself about how I would like to see my life after a few months. Here is what I came up with.

My life as a Massage Therapist needs more than just having lovely clients that adore who I am and what I do.

My clients need more from me, but also to expect more of themselves.

My massage routine was becoming, as excellent as it feels, was becoming routine for me.

Here is how I intend to make "The Change"

I set out to make a viable shift in my Massage Practice that aligns more with a holistic approach to Bodywork... this includes Body Movement Therapy. I researched the world of Physical Fitness, and corrective exercises that I had been haphazardly recommending my clients to if they wanted some recommendations of what to do between our sessions together. I found the National Academy of Sports Medicine has the Programs I was looking for: Physical Fitness with Scientific Research to enhance up my foundations of Medical Massage.

Now, those that know me personally, know that I am already a Graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training, and Exercise Science. Why do I feel the need to dig deeper than that? That was 15 years ago and frankly, the research shows there have been a lot of systematic changes since then on exercise theory and how best to implement a holistic game plan. I've taken the time to go through a 12 week program that really opened up my eyes to this brilliant integrated system and al the possibilities it has within and as a part of my Massage Practice. With this new knowledge has reinvigorated my spirit in to BEAST MODE and am now taking the final steps towards becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a Senior Exercise Specialist which will allow for a for a Wealth of knowledge to share with Massage and Personal Training Clients.

Getting Excited to Learn makes for an exciting life!

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