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Gardening have you feeling a little... tighter then normal?

Here, at Mountain's Bounty Massage and Wellness hears your body woes loud and clear. With spring weather comes a flurry of activities and chores to do around your land, and home. Busy and exciting times! This week I saw 2 clients just for low back pain, and 2 for wrist pain after a weekend of serious seedling planting, weeding, and raking. Not all of these aches and pains can be prevented, but I find that repetitive motions of any kind tend to exhaust those muscles a great deal. So, creating gentle movements around specific garden related moments often alleviate the soreness of over doing it. While bending, twisting, and digging, here are some helpful tips to keep you feeling limber all season long.

Having a healthy practice of keeping our body hydrated, working in the cooler hours of the day, and gentle movements when your feeling stiff are great ways to keep you feeling your best all day long. Do you have a great stretch that helps you? I'd love to hear more about your daily practice in keeping what keeps you moving.

Until then, happy gardening folks!

~Lila Massage Therapist at Mountain's Bounty Massage and Wellness

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