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Have YOU been to Dirt Church?!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Dirt Church: My brother Jaya Lange of @BRAAAPfilmsoriginal on instagram films extreme sports and Dirt Church is a common term used by groups of Dirt Bikers and their daily work on the trails. Apparently this term can be used in a variety of ways. While this term This is a new term I just heard the other day from my good friends over @Eldersistersapothocary who regularly~ like me, are doing various projects with their land and shared that their time on this land is "dirt church." -and I just love it!

I grew up with Medical Parents- Both Mom and my step father helped in a very rural setting in Northern West Virginia. They also were gardening parents who naturally both had "green thumbs" and grew a variety of fresh produce and flowers that they sold at farmers markets. To help feed their 6 kids they canned and froze organic fruits and veggies for the cold winter months. I learned from them that careful planning is good, but having a connection to something that is far greater than you is vital to being a "whole" person. So often as kids we would spend hours outside with them in the gardens, on nature walks, and just being outside climbing trees, and taking picnics by the creeks.

As a Massage Therap

ist here @Mountainsbounty I utilize my body, mind, and spirit to help clients achieve a safe and effective way of moving and feeling better each day. To help my own whole body wellness I often feel the need to just get my hands immersed in the Earth! To garden, to hike, to walk on this beautiful land we live on and feel present with all that surrounds me~That brings me peace. When my whole self is present and aware of the nature that surrounds me and how it is connected to the very fabric of my own BE-ING I feel safe, refreshed, and ready to stand balanced for another great day of giving back. Is there a science to this feeling? Yes! According to National Geographic and its ar

ticle highlighting Earth's Blue Zones that communing with nature daily is a great practice for healthy longevity.

Want a garden but don't have the space or time? Message me~ Here @Mountainsbounty we have a friendship garden that allots space just for my Massage/ movement Clients! Many clients last year had such a great time just walking the gardens after their Massage session, picking flowers to bring home, and even harvesting some really choice veggies! This year we plan on adding a little "Dirt Church" service time where folks can come and have a small group meet-up (or 1-1) in the green house to learn about potting and planting new varieties of Native plants and Organic seasonal vegetables!

Do you have to be a gardener to go to "Dirt Church?" No!

To get similar benefits that gardening brings simply try increasing your awareness next time you are outside. Take a minute to feel the breeze on You, to feel the sun on You, and to actually feel the ground beneath you supporting YOU. Even 30 seconds of connecting is enough to start feeling the shift. Breathe in and breathe out. Sometimes its just that simple~ A little shift in our awareness in how we "Fit" into this world is enough to make the shift towards a more balanced life. Loneliness is a real issue in today's society. When we can feel connected to our surroundings- to nature- and actively playing a VITAL ROLE in its well-being~ We cannot truly feel alone. We are part of something wonderful and far greater than us. So lets start a Dirt Church revolution~ Get outside daily and just Breathe~Feel~ And Breathe some more. See you again soon~Peace be with you.


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