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Work is never finished, construction is always a longer process then you can ever imagine. So just…

I have no more words then that. Other than, anticipation is 85 % responsible for how good something feels once received, right? So, what to do while your dream Spa room comes in to reality?

For me: spending time with family, book keeping, end of the year taxes, and catching up with friends and with a self care routine that makes this Career Life~Lasting. I also just letting the artistic side come on out with some old furniture, painting, and styling. The kids have been helping,

so that's been fun.

As this calendar year comes to an end, I reflect on just how much of a change my business has had since Iput a bit of intention in how I operate. For the first time, I have On-line booking, take CC, and have kept up with budgeting for the year!

For my personal life, I also reflect on how moving to a much more rural setting and creating our own sets of family tradition over this year has really impacted our connection to our community, my family and my self. This year about 351 days out of the year I have had dinner with my kids and husband, and the last one of the year will be spent together making some family goal setting for 2023. We will light a candle for our dearly departed, and maybe even have a New Years Eve Bon fire just to make some s'mores for a real festive send off.

So, from my family to yours

2023... We are ready for what we make it! Together we send three cheers!

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